From Quicksilver we present a light and small boat of 5 meters in length with which to enjoy the nautical with partner or friends. A fast boat, thanks to its motorization of up to 100 hp, and large enough to accommodate a small cabin in the bow and a generous tub in the stern. We embark on the new Activ 505 Cabin Highlight.

Safety and fun at sea

The new Activ 505 Cabin Highlight for rent at Ibiza brings together in the same boat the latest advances in safety that Quicksilver has been imposing on its boats, with an optimized finish to offer fun and comfort during navigation.

Like other models of the Activ Cabin series, the new Highlight version has a thick hull that gives it great stability, even at high speed, and a good dynamic behavior on the water. Throughout the length a strong handrail has been arranged, to which is added as a security element the non-slip surface of the bow deck. Add to that the range of engines that Mercury has, the result is an agile, comfortable and safe boat. A good option to enjoy sailing with just having the new navigation license.

As far as design is concerned, Quicksilver wanted to break with the sea line. Thus the new Activ 505 Cabin Highlight shows its own style, which remembers, perhaps to the models of some decades ago.

The boat has a bath scale in the stern. In the bathtub several seats offer a comfortable place to relax. While the cabin takes advantage of natural light and leaves room for a portable toilet. These two features allow the Activ 505 Cabin Highlight to offer overnight accommodation for a couple. Although during the day you can board up to 5 people and enjoy your generous tub with awning (optional) or the solarium of bow (optional).

In the console the data are provided by several analogue tachometers. Including one to know the seat of the boat at all times. And thanks to its light weight and dimensions, it can be carried in a trailer.

Activ 505 Cabin Highlight 2

Technical details:

Length (in Certificate): 4.81 meters
Overall length: 5.02 meters
Sleeve: 2.12 meters
Draft: 0.36 meters
Engine displacement: 768 kilograms
Maximum power: 74 kW (100 HP)
Capacity : 5 passengers
Design Category: C (12 mi)