The time has come to fully enjoy the view, it is the ideal time to relax, meditate or have fun, however, the sun’s rays make your stay somewhat uncomfortable, do not angusties in Barcosonline we offer the best bimini awnings, to face the sun.

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8 awnings for you to have on your boat

Finding the perfect Bimini, is not always a simple task, and more if it is a boat awning, to have a list of bimini of good quality and easy access, never this other, so visiting boats is a fundamental requirement if you want to achieve this goal. 

Awning Aria 150mm stainless steel tube 22mm 

Exemplary white boat awning elegant, matt white color, excellent quality and strength, easy to handle, versatile with 2 vertical stainless steel tubes, for better longitudinal placement. 

Bimini Tessilmare Biminox 3 arches 185×140 cm 

Bimini boat, with deployable structure, triple aluminum arches, excellent quality fabric and comfort, excellent for an unforgettable experience.

Awning 285x252x156 Alu white folding 4 arc 

Nautical bimini, made of excellent polyester material, foldable with three tubes with white finish, versatile and easy to use. 

Bimini awning 3 arches, navy blue 2,00- 2,13m 

Marine awning with aluminum bars, easy to install and handle, waterproof and sunlight resistant, in a navy blue finish, impeccable design and durable. 

Bimini Tessilmare basic, 3 arches 200x 140 cm 

Bimini boat, Italian manufacture, with aluminum tubes, folding structure and lightweight, durability and strength, with finished in navy blue loom, simple and useful. 

Awning 225x180x140, Alu white, folding 3 arc 

Nautical bimini, 100 % polyester, with aluminium bars finished in white, foldable and easy to use, excellent resistance and safety, with fixing system. 

Fabric hood 215 black, 4 arc perfor cover ideal for the change or arrangement of bimini, resistant and excellent level, versatile and useful, easy to change, with guaranteed quality, black finish. 

Where can you get it?

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